School Transport

  • School transport facility available on some specified, and the students can avail the arrangements, subject to the availability of the seats.
  • Those using school buses will be picked up and dropped only at the stop fixed up by the school. No child will be picked from his/her door.
  • No students shall be allowed to use the school bus one way.
  • The bus fee deposited in any quarter will not be refunded, even if the
  • Child leaves the bus facilities from any date within the quarter. For
  • Discontinuation of bus facility one month prior advance notice in
  • Writing will be required before the due date of the next quarterly fee.
  • For any change in the bus arrangement, a written request stating adequate reasons thereof should be made.
  • Indiscipline behavior in the school bus will make the child ineligible to use the school bus.
  • Parents who hire private vans/ autorickshaws will be doing so entirely on their own risk. School authorities will not be held responsible for any mishap/ lapse caused by private transporters hired by the parent.

 Transport Rules

  • For safe journey to school, the following rules are to be followed by the students:
  • Maintain discipline in the bus as any mischief will disturb the driver.
  • Do not run to the bus but walk in a queue.
  • Do not jump on or off a moving bus, for it is dangerous.
  • Do not push each other when you get on or off the bus.
  • Do not stretch your head or hand out of the bus.
  • Co-operate with the staff on duty and abide by the instructions given by them from time to time.
  • Never stand infront of or behind a stationary bus.
  • Students needs to adhere to the rules or else they may lose the privilege of the facility.
  • Parents are not allowed to pick the ward from the school bus at the time of departure of buses from the school.


Any problem, suggestion, regarding transport should be brought to the notice of the Principal or Transport Incharge, Immediately, so that problems can be sorted out at the earliest.

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